EZDEAL Yesnow Calming Mist UV Sunblock
YesNow Yesnow-CalmingSunMist
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Carefully protects the skin throughout the day, contains protective ingredients that are pure and fresh, non-greasy on the skin.  

Yesnow Calming Mist UV Sunblock 

  • Brand: Yesnow
  • Size:160ml
  • Japan Technology
    Distributed by: MIHS, Inc.  

Product Details:

  • Protect skin from the harmful UV rays
  • Hydrating
  • Freshness

Spray onto face and body, spread and massage on to the skin to moisturize and protect skin from external irritation. This can also be used as toner water, due to its water repair function.


Yesnow is an emerging skincare line that offers high-quality skincare products for the face and body. Say YesNow to healthy and glowing skin!


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